Unleash your Creativity with Merry Sam Salon Express Nail Art

Painting your nails is easy but making a nail art is harder than you think.

It has been a daily struggle to achieve that dainty nail art that every girl like you have always admired. We know that you’ve tried so hard and followed the tutorials in YouTube but making nail art on your own could really be hard. Thanks to Merry Sam Salon Express Nail Art, embellishing your nails in style just like a professional manicurist is now a reality!


The Actual Kit

Merry Sam Salon Express Nail Art's packaging


Made from stainless steel and light purple plastic, this adorable nail kit includes a scraper, applicator, holder and five design plates (which comes with up to 6 different pre-engraved patterns).   Customizing your nails is now made endless with its wide range of patterns to choose from! Switch from being a sweetheart to a punk rock princess with its cool and fun designs!


How does it work?

Merry Sam Salon Express Nail Art complete set

This cute nail art stamping kit claims to instantly stamp pre-designed images to your nails in just 4 easy steps:

  1. You have to apply a base coat on your nails and let it dry thoroughly then you have to select a design from its various design plates and place it in the disc holder.
  2. Don’t forget to apply a nail polish on your desired design and grab the scraper to remove excess polish from your design plate. After all, that’s what a scraper does!
  3. Now here comes the fun part! Did you see that cylindrical tube? That’s your applicator. You can use either the large or the small one depending on the size of your chosen design. Press it on the selected pattern from your design plate.
  4. Transfer it quickly on your fingernails by greatly pressing down the stamp directly onto one side of your nail first then subsequently stamp it on a rolling motion. Repeat steps two to four to complete your masterpiece on your all your fingernails!

Easy as pie, right? You can even try it on your toenails too! Isn’t that amazing?

It’s about time for you to make a statement this summer season on your nails! After all, what is summer without colorful and bright nails, right?

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