First impressions on the Huawei P10

If you think Huawei is done with making a gigantic leap of faith in the mobile industry, then you are definitely wrong! The Chinese telecommunications company just revealed its newest flagship phone in this year’s Mobile World Congress.  Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Huawei P10!

Being the successor to the most loved Android phone when it comes to mobile photography, the Huawei P10 definitely has a lot of improvements in store for its users.

It may have a difference but the Huawei P10 still includes the signature design from its predecessor. Made out of a slim full-metal body, the P10 is just as handy as the P9. It actually retained the positions and appearance of power button and volume controls that’s a pure evidence of Huawei’s meticulous taste in producing well-designed smart phones. Aside from that, P10’s cool colors of blue and apple green makes it more enticing to the Filipinos! Sporting in a slender dimension, this smart phone is as handy and lightweight as iPhone 7.

Huawei P10 in green


It’s not that much of a surprise that the P10 supports dual SIM technology but what it is definitely astonishing to find the same hybrid dual-SIM feature that Huawei has introduced to its Mate 9 model. Did we also mention that both SIM slots can get a 4G LTE connection?Huawei P10 in Blue


The 3.5mm audio port, its USB Type-C port as well as its speaker grills can be all found at its bottom. What makes it cooler than P9 is its noise-canceling microphone which everyone has been wishing to be part of any Android phones available in the market.

Huawei P10's body

Photo Credits: Yugatech


Meanwhile, its upper section houses a whopping 20 megapixels and 12 megapixels two rear cameras respectively. Yes, you’ve read it right. That’s a total of 32 megapixels in your phone which beats any other DSLR phones. It also comes with dual-LED flash that will aid you to in achieving your mobile photography goals!

Huawei P10's camera

Photo Credits: Yugatech


With its beautiful design, newly-improved camera and impressive features;  the Huawei P10 is truly an irresistible Android phone of 2017!

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