Top 3 Core Exercises That You Can Do At Home

Burning calories and toning your own body is harder than you think. There are the never-ending gym sessions as well restrictions to your favorite high-calorie fast food meals (also known as French Fries and Burgers).Unfortunately, consistency is the key in making your fitness goals into reality. You have to invest on the right yet affordable exercise tools and equipments as well faithful devotion on balancing your diet if you are the lazy a.k.a the busy young millennial who has no time to hit the gym.

Thanks to these core exercises that you can do at home, getting into your most tiptop shape without breaking the bank is now possible!

Abdominal Hold Top 1: Abdominal Hold

Many do not expect that a sturdy chair in their own rooms can’t be a fitness buddy. Surprisingly, this first core exercise can turn it into one. You may look wonky though while you move your butt up from the chair so don’t tell us that you have not been warned!


Top 2:  Side Crunch

Side Crunch

It’s time to bring out your yoga mat as you sweat those extra tummy fats of yours! Test your sense of balance while it trains your oblique muscles now. You may do side crunches for 2 sets of six to reps on each sides for a better result.


Top 3: Opposite Arm and Leg Raise

Opposite Arm and Leg Raise

Making this move will surely make you feel longer, steadier and seriously balance. All you have to do is to raise your opposite arms and legs for 2 seconds for 15 to 20 reps alternative on each sides to achieve a toned and flat stomach within the comforts of your home!


This Ab Rocket Wheel will give you more effective and powerful core exercise in no time! Proven to reduce your waist line while toning your upper body particularly your abdomen, waist and upper arms, this exercise equipment will help you burn off the calories that you have eaten whenever and wherever. With its convenient size, there will be no valid excuse for you to ditch your daily exercise routine!

Ab Rocket Wheel


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