Must- Have Harry Potter Scarves this Rainy Season

Whether you’re a certified Potterhead or an ordinary student who happens to know Harry Potter, owning a Harry Potter scarf will provide you comfort and will keep you warm through the unpredictable weather. As the new school year has opened for many grade school and high school students today, this also means that the rainy season is just around the corner.

It’s time to unleash your inner wizard genes, half-bloods! These cool and Hogwarts-inspired scarves will surely add a dash of magic to your school arsenal!


Be courageous and chivalrous within and outside of your school just like Harry Potter with this Gryffindor Scarf! Made from cotton and wool, this unisex scarf will let you feel brave in conquering the thunder and lightning during stormy days.Gryffindor Scarf


Represent the earth element in the mortal world while restoring justice with this Hufflepuff Scarf that includes the house’s remarkable colors of yellow and black! Who knows, you might be the next Newt Scamander in the next years to come.

Hufflepuff Scarf


Intelligence, creativity and wit- these are the characteristics that a true Ravenclaw wizards and witches have. Show the world what you’ve got just like what Luna Lovegood did with this Ravenclaw Scarf that includes its majestic house mascot of eagle.

Ravenclaw Scarf


They may be ambitious and cunning just like its alumnus-turned-dark wizard Lord Voldemort but Slytherins are greater than you’ve always thought. Break the stereotype to your beloved house which what the exceptional Severus Snape did with this Slytherin Scarf that is a great accessory for rainy days.

Slytherin Scarf


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