5 Cool Toys in the Philippines That Made Big Waves in 2017

Distinguishing cool toys in the Philippine market are not difficult as it may seem. Usually, there are only 2 factors that make it called as such and the following are based on its popularity and demand. Whether it’s related to your hobbies or just a new thing to try, toys can definitely bring classic entertainment for the old and young!

We have rounded up our own list of the top toys for 2017 that can truly bring smile to you and your friend’s faces:



Fidget Spinner

Fidget SpinnerClaim to fame: With its wide variety of colors and sizes, these spinners truly help both kids and adults in gaining their focus and relieving their anxiety and stress from work and school!



Crocodile Dentist Game

Crocodile Dentist Game

Claim to fame: Who would have thought that choosing the right crocodile tooth can be a matter of life and death? The intensity that this game brings to your circle of friends on your social gatherings is truly one-of-a-kind. Just make sure that the crocodile won’t catch your finger or you’ll be doomed!



Drinking Roulette Game Set

Drinking Roulette Game Set

Claim to fame: Patterned to Russian roulette with a hint of casino vibes, this drinking game can make your home parties exciting! All you have to do is to pour some booze on the glasses, roll the balls in the spinner and take a surprising shot.



 Never Have I Ever Card Game

Never Have I Ever Card Set

Claim to fame: Recommended for young adults aged 17 and up, this simple card game is truly hilarious yet explicit! It will truly get to know your fellas a whole lot better than you think. Don’t worry; everyone will get to experience the so-called hot seat so you better answer honestly all the questions!


So there you have it, ladies and gents! We hope that we have given you all you need to know about the trending toys for this year. Go ahead and place your orders right away on this online store in the Philippines to get the latest novelty and party toys!