The Benefits Of Online Shopping Manila

Everywhere you look at, a country’s capital is the highly anticipated place during a tour expedition. The capital usually houses the most exhilarating and breath-taking sceneries and sights. It is no wonder why… Continue reading

We are Proud to be .PH

By Joanna Lynn Ong, Marketing Officer More than the ubiquitous holiday sale and the appreciated day off, our country’s independence day is a chance to be grateful for the experience of freedom that… Continue reading

Things To Like About Online Shopping

By Gilbert Dadia For trendy people on-the-go, shopping online means convenience. But they also save money every time they buy online. Just imagine not having to go to a packed mall and rub… Continue reading

Why You Should Buy Online

By Gilbert Dadia A lot of people now tend to buy products and services through cyberspace. It is a new trend in the Philippine market scene with most of us living in a… Continue reading

We have a Winner!

We raffled off a Php1000 worth Goods.Ph gift voucher to our Facebook followers who joined our promo. This is the screen capture of our raffle draw process. Congratulations to Ms. Stephanie Lee, and… Continue reading

Save Money As You Shop Online

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The Best Affordable Laptops to Drool Over

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We’re Giving Away a 1000 Peso Gift Voucher!

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Shopping Grocery Online? That’s new!

by: Joanna Lynn Ong Imagine this: it’s the upcoming rainy season, and you have just been from the grocery mart. Rain is pouring cows (yes, not cats) and dogs. You’re carrying three full… Continue reading

Online Shopping Without Credit Cards

When someone speaks of online shopping, you automatically think that you should have a credit account because it is a must. That is a misinformation, however, because you could actually shop online without… Continue reading