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Christmas Rush: Where Should You Shop?

It’s just a few days before Christmas and every single mall in your area are crowded doing their last minute shopping for gifts. There’s too many people and the lines to the cashier is so long.


Top 5 Best Seller Smartphones in the Philippines

This year is probably the year of emerging technology. With this improvement, we have seen and witnessed how people are getting attached with their Smartphones. The latest version of iPhone OS were released… Continue reading

5 Best Cameras You Should Invest In

Often times, expert photographers are being asked what are the best digital cameras for photography that every beginners should have at least one. We pick out the best five cameras that will make… Continue reading

Gadgets Must Haves for your Summer Travel

Road trips have been synonymous with summer adventure. Our bodies and instinct tell us that hiking and beach hunting are some of the best summer activities. Road trip can be done socially or just for self reflection. Either way, it must be celebrated as it is the season that we truly feel nature.