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Goods.PH goes to Cavite State University!

Thank you for your warm hospitality, Cavite State University! We hope you enjoyed your TechFest as much as we did last Friday. Want to know where we would go next? Then stay tuned for more updates! #GoodsPHCampusAdventure


6 Clearance Items You Should Grab

It’s not been long since payday, wouldn’t it be nice to reward yourself something good once in a while? Cause you deserve it, it’s time to grab these goodies before the stocks last!… Continue reading

Top 5 Perks of Online Shopping in the Philippines

Since we are now in a digital generation, online shopping has become a growing trend because of the number of benefits people can get from shopping online. While online shopping may have some… Continue reading

Goods PH Explains Pre-Order

If you’re wondering why your order can take long to arrive.