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REVIEW: ASUS Zenfone Zoom

Today, we gonna take a closer look of Asus newest part of the family, the ridiculously thin Asus Zenfone Zoom with its 3x optical zoom – absolutely amazing. Technology is indeed innovating and… Continue reading

Top 5 Best Seller Smartphones in the Philippines

This year is probably the year of emerging technology. With this improvement, we have seen and witnessed how people are getting attached with their Smartphones. The latest version of iPhone OS were released… Continue reading

Smartphone Accessories To Help You Get Organized

In today’s high-speed lifestyle, we tend to feel overwhelmed by how the technology helped us to get things done very wisely. Lucky us who now lives in a digital era where smartphones can… Continue reading

Five Most Anticipated Smartphones of 2015

2014 was a milestone for each Smartphone manufacturer and 2015 presents an opportunity to go all out on all device’s features and lead the charge. 2015 is a challenge for each of them as the past year’s flagship devices were as great as they come.

Goods.Ph Smartphone Buying Guide

The Smartphone manufacturing industry is one of the most stable businesses in the world. Despite the heavy number of competing companies, the sales of smartphones have been consistent. However, competition may sometimes lead… Continue reading