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Top 5 Best Waterproof Android Smartphones Philippines

Name something that is amphibious but can also traverse the airspace? It’s not a thing of fiction, it is a Smartphone. On land, they function as the bridge for entertainment, information and communication.… Continue reading

Leaked Sony Xperia Z4 Primary Details

The internet has been buzzing these past few weeks over the authentic-looking leaked documents that are supposedly from the tech and entertainment giant SONY. The alleged emails does tackle and suggest a lot… Continue reading

Top 10 Smartphones for 2014

The word “best” is overly used in the telecommunications and smartphone manufacturing industry. Remember the time when the Nokia 3310 was considered as the device to have. Even then, to get recognized as… Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z3 the Best Waterproof Smartphone and Tablet Technology

Users of this phone as well as other Z-series Xperia models advise new users to at least have a layer of protection, not because it’s not sturdy enough, but its casing makes it… Continue reading